The Sims 2 – Castaway

simsThis new mobile version of the successful The Sims series will please Sims fans. You are one of a few castaways on an island in the middle of nowhere. You are left to explore the island, interacting with the other castaways to help achieve your goals and making sure your basic needs are taken care of. The simple, self-explanatory interface means even Sims “newbies” will find this game typically addictive, although the sedate nature of Castaway may not get serious gamers’ pulses racing.


tetrisThe age-old classic is back, and EA could not have created a better mobile version. There are three game modes available to the user. In addition to the traditional “marathon” mode, there is an “ultra” mode, where you try to get the highest score in three minutes, as well as “40 lines”, where you attempt to reach 40 completed lines in as short a time as possible. The optional ghost feature will be quite useful to beginners and experienced Tetris players will be delighted that there are no annoying shape-shifting pieces. Sure to be a hit with Tetris fans.


fifaThe 2008 mobile adaptation of the famous Fifa series will challenge even experienced gamers and football addicts. The in-depth training mode is a must before taking on the tough season or club challenge modes. Players have a choice of one of five European leagues in season mode, including the English Premiership. A highlight is the challenge mode, with unique and difficult match situations. The controls may take a while to get used to, but the excellent gameplay should make Fifa 08 a firm favourite with fans.

Fight Night 3

fightFight Night 3 starts off with a two-minute tutorial that encompasses all you will ever need to know to become the best boxer in the world. Gamers have an option of a quick fight or the lengthier career central version, where you get to create your own player and try to build him up into a future champion of the world. The graphics are unbelievable, with incredible attention to detail. Featured boxers include modern-day heroes like Oscar de la Hoya and Ricky Hatton. A superb version of the famous boxing series.

Written for Digital Life – July 2008