What started as a food blog mushroomed into a lifestyle brand and a newly published book on Indian cooking.

Naqiyah Mayat, entrepreneur and author of a newly released cookbook, began her food journey by posting recipes on a blogging platform 12 years ago. Mayat, a Joburg-based social media influencer, is the author of The Beginning: Indian Recipes From My Home.

Her debut book tells the story of her start in the kitchen and is peppered with anecdotes about her husband, four children and mother, whom she credits for her culinary flair.

“I wanted the book to be a guideline for cooking Indian food; I didn’t want people to feel intimidated by it, but rather for it to inspire people to begin cooking.”

Mayat used the now defunct Food24 blogging platform to share the dishes she prepared. “I was fairly new to cooking,” she says, which was something people identified with. Many women shared the same concerns and experienced a similar sense of satisfaction at having prepared a good meal.

The blog, easy to use for a beginner, was a path to an audience Mayat never thought possible. “I would not have considered food blogging if it was on a platform that might have been difficult to navigate.”

By the time the platform was killed off, Mayat had scores of fans who followed her to other platforms. “By then, I had taken a keen interest in styling and photographing food and needed to find a more visual platform.”

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