A new home-grown app, PharmaGo, was launched on March 1 to facilitate free same-day and next-day deliveries for essential and over-the-counter medication.

PharmaGo was created by Raees Carim, now 22, while he was a student at Wits. He was 20 at the time, doing a BSc in construction. He has since done his honours in quantity surveying and graduated in 2020.

He came up with the idea when an immune-compromised relative needed medication.

“Our family found it challenging to find a 24-hour pharmacy or an option to order medication online for delivery,” says Carim. “I realised that my relative was probably one of many people facing the same issue, and it was here that the seed of PharmaGo was planted.”

Creating the app took two years as he researched pharmacy and software processes and user journeys through the app, and developed a back-end system suited for pharmacies.

“The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns allowed me more time on PharmaGo as university classes were being conducted online,” he says.

Many pharmacies rejected him in the initial phase. “Many would walk me out the door before I had the chance to pitch PharmaGo to them.”

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