Last year sometime Leash put a call out for beta testers to try their Bluetooth-tracking device.

I signed up and received mine towards the end of December. It’s a small tag that you put onto your keys, running shoes, wallet, pet collars, kids, you name it; anything that you want to track. I signed up because as I tend to lose my keys, in my own house, several times a day. Sound familiar? Maybe not necessarily with your kids keys.

Leash is a low-powered Bluetooth-tracking device that works in conjunction with a smartphone app. You need to download the app, sign up and pair your Leash device to it. Thereafter just put the Leash onto whatever you want to track. If for example you are tagging your kids’ schoolbag, jacket, etc; both parents can download the app and track the same device. This means that 1 Leash tag can be linked to more than one smartphone/account.


Once the Leash is paired to your smartphone, launch the app to see where you things/keys are. The app uses GPS to pin-point the location of your stuff and you will be given two options: ring and light. Ring, as the name suggests, makes a ringing sound and you can then find your keys. This is the method I use all the time. Light is great at night. A red light blinks on the tag and you are able to spot it. The GPS method works great for stuff that’s not at the same location as you.


The Leash app is currently only available on iOS for iPhone users. An Android app will be released in February this year, I’m told.

I’ve been using it for several weeks now and as expected, I lost my keys in my own house on many occasions. I pulled up the app, and used the ring feature and found it. Also, if you have the app open, you will see a percentage on the tag listing, which is an indication of how far you are from the device. So you could also walk around until the percentage gets higher, to locate it.


Leash is currently available to purchase by emailing the company directly. They are in talks about getting it at a physical retailer, which is all I can say right now.


When I first tweeted about it, there was a lot of interest on how to buy one. I have good news for my readers. If you would like to purchase one (or many), the first 100 readers to email and mention you came from, will be able to purchase it for R220! This excludes shipping, which is R45. 

I’ve seen other versions around the world that cost around $49/$59/$69. You get cheaper ones, and super expensive ones ($109 – yikes)! This is only an introductory offer, available via Wired to the Web. When the device goes on sale officially at retailers, it’s gonna be more expensive.

If you end up purchasing one, let me know how you find it!