Published in FM. Gift Guide: A little something for everyone. By Nafisa Akabor.

This FM gift guide is a tech-inspired cheat sheet for your holiday gadget shopping.

Jura ENA 8

If you love a good cup of coffee and the ability to control it with a smartphone app, look no further than the Jura ENA 8 coffee machine. It has a striking design featuring a round water tank, and a 2.8-inch display that is simple to operate.

This bean-to-cup machine offers 10 brewing options, and froths milk. It has an integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme.

R16,950 at

DJI Mavic Mini

This is the world’s smallest foldable drone, weighing just 249g. The new Mavic Mini is appealing if you’ve been intimidated by larger DJI drones.

It offers a 30-minute flight time, 2.7K video footage, 12MP stills and a range of automated modes so you won’t need skills to operate it. The new paired DJI Fly app is easy to use and the simplicity of it all is really tempting.

R6,999 at

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld gaming console that is bound to keep you entertained whether you’re travelling or at home. At 5.5 inches with built-in controllers, it’s portable yet sturdy, and comes in a choice of fun, bold colours. Titles will appeal to casual gamers and enthusiasts alike, and battery life is up to seven hours.

R3,999 at

Transcend DrivePro 110

South Africans spend a lot of time on the road, and video or photo evidence could be useful for insurance claims in the case of an incident.

The Transcend DrivePro 110 is a nifty dashcam that is easy to operate. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter to start recording, or use the built-in battery. It has a snapshot button, emergency recording, headlight reminder, SD card and driver fatigue alert. It serves one purpose and does it well.

R1,500 at

Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is a long-awaited upgrade that brings noise cancellation to these popular true wireless buds. Apart from the good audio quality, it comes with three tip sizes for varying ear shapes.

It is ultra-portable and comes in a nifty charging case. The pressure-sensitive tips act as a control panel, and an IPX4 rating means it can handle splashes. A must for any Apple fan.

R3,999 at

Xiaomi Juistar Wireless Blender

This portable blender is a convenient solution to make fresh smoothies and drinks on the go, even at the gym after a workout. The rechargeable battery yields 15 blends based on a 30-second blitz. With the blade sitting on the lid, you can drink straight out of the cup, and rinse it immediately after as there are no cables.

R549 at

Kindle Paperwhite (2019)

Kindle remains the No 1 e-reader, and for good reason, as the Paperwhite offers the closest feeling to reading an actual book. It has over a month of battery life and holds thousands of titles, and when paired with Bluetooth headphones, streams audio books from Audible. Text appears crisp on the display with its high contrast, and an IPX8 waterproof rating makes it ideal for the bath or poolside.

R3,350 at

Instax Mini Link

Fujifilm brought retro back with its fun Instax range of cameras, but the Mini Link printer takes that one step further. It prints photos off your smartphone’s camera roll via Bluetooth and a paired app. Instead of trying to get the perfect shot, you already have it. The ability to pop it into a bag and print older photos makes it that much more appealing. Print-outs are credit card-sized, perfect for your wallet.

R1,999 at

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