Smart stocking fillers for Christmas.

iPad Air 2020

Apple’s new 10.9-inch iPad Air is like a portable PC for work and play from anywhere. It is powered by the A14 Bionic chip, which is more powerful than most PCs today and weighs 460g. It shoots in 4K, has a 7MP HD selfie-camera, stereo speakers and USB-C port. The power button doubles up as a fingerprint sensor. Available in a range of additional pastel shades like green and blue with Apple Pencil support. Price: R12,499.

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5, comes in two variants: digital only and one with a Blu-ray optical drive. The PS5 supports 4K gaming, haptic feedback, 3D audio and an ultra-high speed 825GB SSD for storing games. Accessories include a charging station for two controllers, wireless headset and media remote with dedicated Netflix, YouTube and Spotify buttons. Price: R9,999 (digital) and R11,999 (Blu-ray).

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Logitech’s new MX Anywhere 3 mouse retains an ergonomic design but now with scrolling speeds of up to 1,000 lines per second and tracks on any surface including glass. It lasts 70 days on a single charge, connects to three devices and has a drag and drop feature between desktops and operating systems — that is, Windows and Mac. Suitable for creators and developers. Price: R1,899.


DJI’s newest handheld gimbal, the rebranded OM4 is a content creator’s dream. A new magnetic grip aligns easily for stable smartphone footage and quick toggle modes for orientation or switching cameras. It features built-in presets for video editing; you simply insert footage into a theme, making a beginner look pro. It has features like clone me, gesture control and active track. It’s compact and comes with a tripod and nifty carry case. Price: R2,699.

Instax SQ1

Fujifilm’s new instant camera, the Instax SQ1 is an analogue camera that shoots in square format. This retro gadget is simple to operate: use the optical viewfinder to focus, click the shutter button and, 90 seconds later, your print is ready. It has a selfie-mirror on the front, comes with a wrist strap and two batteries. This dinky holiday gadget is available in white, blue and orange. Price: R1,999.

UV steriliser with wireless charging

It is widely acknowledged that phones are dirtier than loo seats, so why not routinely sanitise our smartphones too? Samsung has a UV steriliser with built-in wireless charging that disinfects in 10 minutes and kills up to 99% of harmful bacteria. It works with any phone, wireless earphones, keys, sunglasses and more, and switches off immediately when opened. A brilliant 2020 gadget amid the pandemic. Price: R995.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop

Xiaomi’s compact robot vacuum-mop is the perfect addition to any smart home. It works with an app and maps out the rooms in your house, which can be saved onto the app. It weighs 3.6kg with a 2600mAh battery that lasts 150 minutes from a 250-minute charge. Ahead of cleaning, small removable objects should be packed away. This autonomous cleaner has a 600ml tank, 200ml water tank and 166º laser distance sensor. Price: R5,299.

Click & Grow: Smart Garden 3

Click & Grow’s Smart Garden 3 lets you grow herbs all year round using its energy-efficient LED grow lights. It can be used indoors, ideal for apartments with no garden space, without worrying about the weather. There are more than 50 seed plant pods available including herbs and small fruit like strawberries and vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers. Simply plant the pods, plug in the power and fill the water reservoir. Price: R1,999. and improve productivity is to provide reliable, seamless technology experiences to reduce friction and help employees achieve their work goals.

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