fnb-appEarlier this week FNB released a native banking app for Android, iOS and Windows 8 tablets. 

The app allows for non-existing and existing customers to open up new or additional accounts directly within the app – a South African first.

Farren Roper, head of FNB Connect ISP and business operations said that the new banking app is designed specifically for tablet devices, which is completely custom-made and not a re-skin of FNB’s existing smartphone app.

FNB-loggedoutI personally do about 90% of my banking on the smartphone version, and would like to move that to the tablet version. I downloaded the app on Monday, and noticed there was an update on Tuesday, which fixed the issue of keeping you logged in when you leave the app; and there no random crashes. 

When you log into the app, the landing page is your ‘accounts overview’ screen. Bear in mind that this app has been designed to use in landscape mode. The first one third of the screen displays 3 recommendations for you to check out, which I find a bit too large because all (6) accounts linked to my banking profile cannot be viewed at a quick glance without scrolling down. I would like a future update of the app to include hiding the 3 recommendations on the landing page so that all accounts can be viewed on one screen.


My favourite feature is the drag and drop functionality when making transfers between accounts; and buying prepaid airtime, data bundles or electricity. The main reason I buy airtime and data bundles from FNB is that it has fewer steps and it can be done over WiFi (versus almost no signal at my house and dialling *111#). What FNB has done on the tablet version is make the process even simpler than the smartphone version. So there’s no chance of scrolling to the wrong option by mistake.

Overall, I like the tablet version a lot. A few years ago, it was a case of “I don’t know when last I went into a branch” and since the initial launch of the app, it’s a case of “I don’t know when last I logged into internet banking.” Keep it up, FNB.