ios-7-logoI’m running iOS 7 Gold Master (GM), currently available to developers, which is the same version that will roll out on 18 September.

I thought I’d do a first impressions post because it’s completely different, and there may be a few things you want to know when you upgrade next week. It will take a bit of getting used to.

You will immediately notice that the font is now a minimalist sans-serif font, which I love. The lock and unlock screen now looks like the below. The keypad colour is based on your lock screen picture. I don’t like the network bars that are now displayed in circles – takes up space unnecessarily:


The home screen as you probably already saw, is full of bright and colourful revamped icons. Folders are now displayed much larger and they don’t feel squashed. Previously, the search bar came up from the left end, now it appears from any screen by sliding your screen down, touching any icon. This for me, will take some getting used to as I launch apps that are in folders by using the search bar:


One my favourite features, is the addition of the Control Center (although, a few years late). You can access it anytime, anywhere, even from a locked screen. You swipe from the bottom edge upwards. It gives you one touch access to airplane mode, WiFi, bluetooth, do not disturb, rotation lock, screen brightness, current playlist, AirDrop, and AirPlay. There are also shortcuts to a torch, timer, calculator, and camera. That’s a LOT of one touch access features, which were needed years ago!


The camera now lets you take square pics, and has additional filters, which you can see in realtime and don’t need to apply it after.


I’m still playing with it and getting used to it, but overall, quite like the changes. Be prepared for a different experience!