OS-X-YosemiteApple opened OS X Yosemite beta to the public last week, its first time doing something of this nature.

After following the preview of it at the last Apple live web stream, I was quite keen to try it out, and so, made the decision to run the beta on my primary Mac, knowing exactly what this means.

I backed up with Time Machine before doing so – can’t remember when last I was that responsible – I usually update WordPress without backing up!

Oh, if you’re struggling to pronounce Yosemite, I assume you never watched Bugs Bunny cartoons?


Once I backed up, downloaded the update and installed it, and saw the login screen, I knew I was going to enjoy the experience based solely on the new font, ha!  I love the translucent panels, looks more natural and a fresh change. It is optional so you can turn it off, but why would you?

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.42.11 AM

OS X Yosemite will be more tightly integrated with iOS but a lot of that functionality will on be available when Yosemite comes out of beta. I was keep to try AirDrop, but will have to wait a bit. This allows you to send files quickly between your iDevices and Mac, on the same network.

One of the biggest and most noticeable change is the new look of the icons – they are all flat in design, just like what you experienced with the revamped iOS7. I like the more modern look, however, my other apps now look terribly outdated in comparison (Tweetbot, Office for Mac, PhotoShop, etc).


I love what the revamped Spotlight looks like. I use it quite a bit so this is a welcome change. Instead of Spotlight being visible really small on the right of your screen, pushing command and spacebar now brings up Spotlight in the middle of your screen, wherever you are.


Also, full screen mode on any application is now exactly that! Take a look:

One of the biggest adjustments for me is Safari (my primary browser). The URL bar is very minimalistic and keeps links clean (I don’t like this part), for example when I am typing a blog post and click on preview, the URL previously used to show the full URL of where it sat; now I can only see nafisa.co.za. Also, gone is any suffix to a website (www). If you have tons of tabs open, you can view them visually. I spend a lot of time on my browser so Safari feels brand new, and as silly as this sounds, everything else feels dated on it! This extends to the whole Yosemite experience. I’m looking forward to all the apps I use to be updated and optimised for OS X 10.10 now (especially Tweetbot).

I chose not to upgrade to iCloud Drive, I will only make use of this when I’m on iOS 8, so everything is in sync.

Overall – for an operating system still in beta, it has been quite stable. I’ve only been using it since Friday and luckily, have felt no regret with the upgrade yet.  Looking forward to the final release.