I finally decided to do something about my love of taking food pictures while eating out. I created a separate Instagram account called @nafisaeats – kinda like UberEats minus the ordering and delivery, haha. If you would like to follow my updates that includes food pics from restaurants around there world – wherever work takes me; when I go on holiday; or just exploring Johannesburg, you can find me here: https://www.instagram.com/nafisaeats

It’s only 3 weeks old and has a small following, but I’m still working on uploading all the pics I have on my camera roll, which is tons (ok, not every single one) but the ones that would be worth checking out. I didn’t want to ‘spam’ my main account with food pics, so I’ve held back in posting some of them. I will not be posting my cooking pics here, just restaurant pics. It may or may not change in future, I don’t know; I haven’t thought that far ahead. Just focusing on uploading about 2-3 posts a day, when I’m not too busy.

This passion project of mine is now more interesting than my current Instagram account @nafisa which admittedly I’ve stop sharing as much personal updates on Instagram Stories. I’ve decided to post work related stuff on Stories instead; and keep my regular feed limited to only interesting things, ha!

Well that’s my quick update for this week. Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂