Here’s what’s high on my gadget wish list (originally blogged on MyDL).

1. Med8r – a high definition multimedia player

This fantastic device will let me watch TV series properly on my big screen, which I can access via the network (it’s WiFi compatible too). I really want a solution where I can sit on my couch and dump stuff onto the drives without any effort. And that it supports HFS+ (native Mac file system) – this is actually the biggest selling point for me.

2. Airport Express

My wireless router at home just decided it won’t reach my bedroom anymore! If I sit at the doorway on the floor with my laptop, it works. If I move literally a few feet onto my bed, it’s out of range! Anyway, I tried another router (I will refrain from mentioning the brand) and it was crap! So, next option, is the best option. Ha. Apple’s Airport Express. They describe it as “powerful enough to run a home Wi-Fi network, yet small enough to take on the road.”

3. Solo Beats by Dr Dre

A few years ago I had the opportunity to test the first set of headphones in this range that was available in South Africa. I fell in love. The quality is excellent and you can tell. It’s high definition sound. What more do you want? (Apart from not wanting to go deaf). I don’t want it in any of the funky colors it’s available in, just black.

4. Beatbox by Dr Dre

Okay, do I need to say more? An iPod dock… by Dr Dre!

5. iPhone lens dial

This nifty little add on for an iPhone offers three optical quality coated glass lenses – wide angle, fisheye and telephoto. I like taking pics on my phone (I do miss optical zoom) but I think this is quite a fun addition to have (in your handbag, wherever you go).