Note III with S view coverThe Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will go on sale in South Africa on Friday, 27 September and the Galaxy Gear in October next month.

At a media event held at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, Samsung announced the local availability and prices for the Galaxy Note 3 and the accompanying smart-watch, the Galaxy Gear.

The Galaxy Note 3 features a slightly larger 5.7-inch super AMOLED HD screen than its predecessor (5.5-inch); has been slimmed down to 168g; a larger capacity battery at 3200mAh; a 13 MP camera; 3GB RAM; 32GB storage (expandable via micro SD); and with a choice of LTE or 3G options. The new Air Command feature works if you hover the S-Pen over the screen by bringing up a palette of 5 additional features: action memo, scrapbook, screen write, S Finder, and Pen Window.


The Galaxy Gear is a smart-watch accompanying the Note 3, that lets users check notifications like preview texts, emails, social media notifications, etc. The Gear features a 1.63-inch AMOLED display; has a single core 800MHz CPU; built-in speaker for hands-free calls; a 1.9 MP camera; Bluetooth; 512MB RAM; 4GB memory; and offers a 25 hour battery life. The Galaxy Gear will have a selection of 3rd party apps including MyFitnessPal, Run Keeper, TripIt, as well as Samsung apps.


The Galaxy Note 3 goes on sale today for a RRP of R9000 and the Galaxy Gear in October next month at approximately R4600 (based on US $460).