I’m sure you’ve read every major news site on the two new Samsung flagship handsets announced last night in Barcelona – Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

I got a hands on feel with both devices last night after the announcement at the media stand. The stand out device was the S6 Edge, which definitely got all the attention, while the Galaxy S6 (same specs except dimensions and battery) just lingered in the shadows.

The Galaxy S6 Edge feels really good in the hand. It feels natural despite the screen being wrapped around the Edge. It’s more about the curves and how ergonomic it is.


I also like the new clean interface.

This is the side view of the S6 Edge:


A great new feature lets you assign colours to your contacts so when they call or text, the side displays the colour:


So you don’t have to pick the phone up to see who is calling or texting:


Samsung has improved on the user interface and it’s much cleaner now. Compared the Galaxy S5, there are 40% fewer features, which is great because it was impossible to make use of many, if not all, of them.


The bottom of the S6 Edge (look familiar?)


Apologies about the fingerprints all over. The premium feel of the new handsets – the cheap plastic-like look and feel is gone:


The camera was impressive. It took really fantastic pictures (at night), especially the front-facing selfie camera, which is 5MP (we couldn’t get the pics off the handset unfortunately – photo credit: Brett Haggard):


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