tap-the-coinI’ve been playing Tap the Coin quite a bit this past weekend. Mostly for its simplicity and similarity to Flappy Bird – you just have to tap the screen.

What I mostly like – and the reason I downloaded the game – is that it’s developed by South Africans. Game development company Thoopid of Snailboy fame (first South African game to reach the top of the charts on the US App Store) developed Tap the Coin in just an hour – after the lead developer was challenged to do so. Well, the prototype.

Thereafter the team worked on tweaks to make it perfect, and it was published on the App Store in 2 weeks. Pretty amazing!

Although, with a game like Tap the Coin that only requires tapping the screen, you should know that it’s never that simple. The first 10 taps are easy because the bronze coins come straight in one direction. After that, silver coins start coming from different directions and it’s at this point that it gets challenging. You have to be quick with your fingers. Gold, Platinum and Rainbow coins follow.

The game is addictive and at the same time frustrating.. if you’ve played Flappy Bird, then you’ve experienced the same symptoms. And somehow, it keeps you coming back for more.

My best score so far has been 78 taps, which puts me on #7 on the leaderboard (on iOS). Of course, I wasn’t satisfied being quite low on the leaderboard, so I played, and played and played…

I’ve chosen this game as ‘game of the week’ because even if you only play it for a week or less, it’s totally worth it – it means you’re supporting the local guys!

Tap the Coin is available for iOS and Android. Go on, give it a try!

iOS link [here].
Android link [here].