Do you remember those days when we used to use telephone directories to prop up our monitors at our desks? No? Am I showing my age? It was such a natural thing to do, back in the day. Find a pile of books or magazines (I used to do it with Digital Life magazines I contributed to) and there you had aΒ DIY ergonomic solution to not getting a strain on your neck while staring at a screen the whole day. Every time I end up getting a (hot stone) massage, I get told about the knots in my neck.

Enter the Griffin elevator laptop stand. It lifts your laptop to a more comfortable height without you hunching over your desk. It makes a huge difference for me, considering my laptop is quite compact and without realising, I just end up crouching over it.

The height is ideal, which helps with my posture in both neck and shoulders; my problematic areas. Seriously though, every winter I pull something in my neck/shoulder and have to get it sorted out. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and what an improvement. I mean you can tell just by looking at the pic.

Speaking of the pic, yes, it’s the gold edition; which suits the new Macbook. That said, it’s not limited to a Macbook, but it should hold any Ultrabook too. I don’t know what the maximum capacity is, can’t find that info. I love the minimal, clean design.

The actual features? It conforms to health and safety standards; has skid-free pads on the base so it’s stable (which by the way was easy to assemble – and disassemble for traveling); has a slot for a keyboard at the base; and another important bit – 360 degree air circulation to keep your laptop cool. I’ve burnt my thighs a few times ha!


Anyway, I have some good news… I have one of these Griffin elevator laptop stands to giveaway to one of my South African readers, courtesy of the iStore, worth R899.Β Just leave a comment if you’d like to stand in line to win. The draw is completely random this time. Only one entry per person! Competition closes on 16 June at midnight.


If you’d like to buy one, check out It’s available in gold, black, space grey and silver.

EDIT: Winner announcement – Shareshnee Naidoo’s entry has been selected by (6 out of the 36), as hers was the 6th entry on the post! Congratulations Shareshnee!