Earlier this week I was invited for some GH: Metallica goodness at a friends’ place. It was such fun and the title rocks. I prefer it to GH III.

guitar_hero_metallicaAfter playing on both PS2 and Xbox, I noticed that there’s a difference, I don’t know if it can be called lag. On the PS2 you strum the notes slightly earlier, before it passes the line and on the Xbox you strum it exactly as it hits the line. Because of this, I ended up missing more notes. By the end of the evening, I could play pretty decently on the Xbox.

I’ve since got myself a copy of GH:M and when I started playing it on my PS2 I sucked – this due to getting the hang of hitting the notes on the Xbox. Anyway, it was just the first song that I tried and failed, I quickly got the hang of it again. I went into the settings to adjust the delay, but it was on 0 for both audio and video. I think this difference is just a Playstation Xbox thing. I haven’t played GH on the Wii yet so not sure what is considered ‘normal’.


Now, to set my sights on bigger things: World Tour.