knomo-logo copyKnomo has just come out with yet another fantastic bag, this time a clutch.

The Dering is a smartphone clutch that comes with a 3000mAh battery inside because we all could do with some extra power while we’re out and about.

What I really like about the clutch is that it’s light, the battery inside doesn’t add too much weight and there’s enough room for your bank cards (several slots), keys, lipstick and charging cable.

Knomo bags are all about keeping you organized. Inside has two separate sections so your phone doesn’t bump around with other stuff inside the purse as it charges.


The exterior is made from nylon and is spray coated for water/dirt resistance; and there is a leather trim. All Knomo bags have lining on the inside.

The battery itself comes wrapped in bright orange leather with a small charging cable inside. You don’t want to damage the battery so hence a thick cover for protection. To the side of the leather case, there are little holes so you can see the battery status indicator without removing it from the case.


The battery has a USB out so you can charge any smartphone you want to. Just pop the cable into the bag before you head off.

If you own a Knomo bag, you know what quality to expect! It’s the first brand that got my attention with it’s luxurious range of bags made especially for laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The Knomo Dering is available at iStores for R999.