Apple’s annual developer conference is taking place this week and as always, tuned in to hear what we can look forward to. The event covers the software side of things and not hardware, so updates to iOS 12, watchOS, macOS and tvOS. It was just over two hours long, and a lot was discussed and shown on stage. I am not going to list them all, but rather the ones the caught my attention and that I will be using once they roll out. You can catch the recap of everything on countless tech websites; this blog isn’t like that.

Also: I downgraded putting a beta on my iPad last year but no more. I will never ever be signing up to public betas. I thought because I don’t use my iPad often enough but it drained it within hours and it was always dead when I needed it. And yes, I am aware how betas work, hence “downgrade to iPad”. 

Here are my picks…


[list default_icon=”apple” icon_color=”” columns=”1″ arrange_columns=”vertical”]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]A new Measure app that uses AR to bring a virtual measuring tape to your phone, mostly because I’m always looking for mine at home.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]Apple will have its own Samsung-esque emoji called Memoji. It offers a ton of customisation so I’m keen to see what I look like (who isn’t?)[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]CarPlay will now support third party navigation apps, like my number one: Google Maps.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]A revamped Voice Memos app that will come to iPad and Mac, with iCloud support. I use this for interview recordings, so winning.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]Apple is going to make iOS faster and will give older devices from 2013 a boost too, which sounds promising as they are usually forgotten about.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]Only years late but grouped notifications – need I say more.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]Special shout out to Screen Time and Photos, but I’m not addicted to my phone and not into the photo sharing vibe.[/list_item]


[list default_icon=”apple” icon_color=”” columns=”1″ arrange_columns=”vertical”]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]Aside from the naming conventions (macOS Mojave), I cannot wait for Dark Mode; ok more like my eyes will thank me forever![/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]My Macbook can at least run it, ha! All Macbooks from mid 2012 upwards should have support.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]Stacks: it groups similar files into a pile. OMG, I need this feature, you should see what my desktop looks like. I create folders just to dump things.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]Intelligent Tracking: sign me up today! You know when you look at one Superbalist ad and it shows up EVERYWHERE. Apple is FIXING that by default.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]Permissions – apps will now require permission to use your mic and camera, and personal data like mail databases. Apple gets it! (love the fb dig).[/list_item]


[list default_icon=”apple” icon_color=”” columns=”1″ arrange_columns=”vertical”]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]The new Walkie Talkie feature sounds cool but let me stop right here; my 1st-gen watch won’t be able to run the new OS5. I am not surprised.[/list_item]


[list default_icon=”apple” icon_color=”” columns=”1″ arrange_columns=”vertical”]
[list_item icon=”apple” icon_color=””]If I’m honest, I just use ATV4 to stream stuff, I don’t particularly care about updates cos the forced ones usually break things. There, I said it.[/list_item]

One more thing…

Apple addressed the issue if they will be merging iOS with macOS (but they will allow developers to port iOS apps to the Mac next year):