Having a tough time finding the perfect gift for that special someone? The latest gadgets on shelf are sure-fire options. Nafisa Akabor found that good things still come in small packages.


Kwesé Play
Entertainment on-demand is here with Kwesé Play, powered by Roku streaming box. All you need is a TV with an HDMI port that has access to the internet. Roku offers more than 100 channels to stream for free, so what you pay for is data, which can be set to a lowerresolution so you use less of it. All boxes are bundled with three months’ free access to Netflix, and channels include access to various TV series, movies and games.
Price: R1 599

Nokia 2
The new Nokia 2 promises a battery life of two full days, meaning more phone for your money. This 5-inch device runs vanilla Android – which means no bloatware, such as unnecessary apps, taking up space. You can watch HD videos, listen to music, play games, hang out on social media and browse without running out of power. An 8-megapixel rear-camera ensures decent photos, with unlimited uploads to Google Photos. The 8 gigabyte on-board storage is expandable up to 128GB.
Price: R1 699


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Take your library everywhere you go with Amazon, the king of ereaders, and its stunning new 8th-generation Paperwhite. It boasts a high-resolution 6-inch screen that gives you the closest feeling to reading an actual book with no glare, even in direct sunlight. Brightness can be adjusted at night with minimal strain on the eyes. It is lightweight and can be used with one hand. A single charge can yield about six weeks of battery life.
Price: R2 999 (ad-free variant)

Fitbit Ionic
The Fitbit Ionic is more than a tracker; it also offers smartwatch functionalities. The Ionic is aimed at those who are serious about fitness. It comes complete with a new personal trainer feature, GPS tracking and the usual heart-rate monitor and sleep tracking capabilities. Smartwatch features include third-party app downloads and music playback, pairing on Android and iOS handsets. It has a minimalist look and promises at least three days of battery life.
Price: R5 499


DJI Spark
Drone footage brings a whole new dimension to storytelling. The DJI Spark is a mini drone and the smallest in its range, shooting in full HD with a 12-megapixel sensor. It is capable of doing 50km/h in sport mode, but make sure you are fully schooled in the legalities on where to fly it. Weighing 300 grams and with a compact body of less than 15cm, it fits snugly in the palm of your hand.
Price: R8 695

iPad Pro 10.5″
The iPad Pro 10.5 is the smaller 10.5-inch variant of the iPad Pro, making it more compatible. It is ideal for working on the fly and iOS 11 really shines on it, making it a multitasking machine. Combined with an Apple Pencil – sold separately – it serves as the perfect playground for children or creatives. Did we mention how blazingly fast it is?
Priced from: R11 299

This article originally appeared in the City Press News section on 10 December 2017.