A little time out daily could be exactly what you need. Our lives were upended in 2020 due to the pandemic, which resulted in burnout from the blurred lines of working from home.

While 2021 isn’t going to magically make things better, we can learn from the last ten months on how to avoid burnout which is the feeling of being emotionally and mentally drained and unable to function.

Burnout is beyond the normal feeling of ‘being tired’, it impacts a person’s ability to function.

Here are some top tips:

Create a workspace at home

In order to separate working from home within your home, you need to create a physical space for it. If your house is small, allocate a desk to where you can work from, or find a spot in a room that you can add one of those space-saving ladder desks. This allows you to ‘clock out’ at 5pm, move out of that physical space and enjoy being ‘home’ with the family. Limiting time at your desk to business hours only does wonders for your well-being.

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