itools-logoEver wondered how to get files off your iPod, iPhone or iPad and onto your PC?

iTools is free to download, and lets you manage files on your iDevice easily, on Windows or Mac (I still maintain iTunes is the worst piece of software for Windows).

It’s not just a free piece of software, but ad-free – so a total win. The current version of iTools (still in beta) lets you manage photos, music, videos, apps, and ebooks – import and export. If you really hate iTunes, you can use iTools to back-up your apps and contacts (you need to disable iCloud for this), and do stuff you normally cannot do with iTunes like import and export music, movies, photos and ebooks.

I’ll use a common example that I get asked about a lot – how to copy music files from an iPod (or iDevice) onto a hard drive, with step-by-step instructions. It works similarly for photos and videos.

1. Download iTools for Windows or Mac.
2. Connect your iDevice to your machine.
3. Go into the Music tab.
4. Select the tracks you want to export to your hard drive:

itools-export5. Choose a location, and save it.
6. Access your extracted files at the location you saved it:


You can extract mp3s, podcasts, audiobooks, playlists, TV shows, movies, photos, ringtones, etc; as well as import. All media types are listed on the right hand panel of the Music tab. You can also manage your photo galleries by saving, deleting or creating albums. You can add, remove and back up apps if you want. I haven’t tried backing up my Contacts via iTools because I don’t want to disable iCloud for it.

iTools is easy to use, and quite powerful – play around and you’ll see!