logo-itunesDo you remember to delete old iOS backups that accumulate on your hard drive?

If you have 120GB of flash storage on a Macbook Air, like me, then you routinely have to “clean up” or remember to, uh, move downloaded content onto portable drives.

My last scan revealed that backups on iTunes were 6.5GB. I decided it was time to delete the old stuff. But before that, I did another backup of my devices, just to make sure my current stuff was safe.

Now that you have current backups, follow these steps to delete the old stuff:

1. Once you’re in iTunes, go to “Preferences”.
2. Under “Preferences”, go to the “Devices” tab.
3. A list of all backups are displayed here, with dates. Selected your oldest backups and delete. It’s that simple. (I will not be responsible for you deleting newest backups).


If you’ve never done it before, then you should be left with quite a chunk of free space (assuming you backup regularly). If not, then WHAT?!? WHY? (No, I don’t really want to know).