If you use Gmail, check the Google Password Manager feature to keep track of accounts you signed up for, what password is compromised or weak.

If you head to passwords.google.com you will see a list of sites and apps that are using your current email address that you signed up with.

Simply click on “Password Checkup” on the top, you will have to log in again to verify it’s you, and here you will see a list of what needs attention. It could look like this:

Simply tap into those options and change your password to something more secure. If you haven’t already done so, please consider using a password managing app to create secure passwords (those super long ones) for all your accounts.

Once you’re done doing that, set-up two factor authentication (2FA) if you haven’t. This is very NB because it gives you a second layer of security, which when used with an authenticator app, makes it difficult for someone to gain access to your accounts online, be it email or social media. You can find that post here:

How to: Protect your accounts online

Please fix security asap if you haven’t done it in years.