Gmail-icon-150x150My latest ‘how to’ is super handy, especially if you have many Gmail accounts, and/or have linked work addresses with Google Apps for Business.

I can’t even count how many Gmail accounts I have – some I admit I hardly use. So this option has been around for a while, but when it comes up in conversation and I mention it to folks, most of them don’t know about it.

If you are not aware, you *can* check multiple gmail accounts within one browser, without switching to private mode or opening a different browser altogether.

Follow these steps to get it running in no time:
1. Go to while you are logged into your primary account.
2. Click on your face on the top right

nafisa-gmail3. Click “Add Account”
4. Sign into another account
5. Switch back to your default account and carry on adding accounts. If you’re on Google Apps for business, sign-in with your full address (you just need the prefix for standard Gmail accounts)
6. While you are logged into your primary Gmail account, click on your face again on the top right hand corner, and select which account you want to go into. It will immediately open in a new tab


Assuming your browser is set to remember passwords etc, every time you open your main Gmail account, you will see all linked accounts.