To get started, you will need the CineXPlayer app for iPad. It is an Xvid avi video player that supports a wide range of formats (*update* the app now supports .mkv files too).

The app is more for convenience, rather than a cinematic experience. You can watch TV series or movies on the go, without worrying about converting to the right format, which can be time consuming.

It costs $3.99 on US iTunes store (I managed to get it on sale sometime last year) and it’s worth every cent.

Once you’ve purchased it, follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPad to your machine and fire up iTunes.
2. Go into the “Apps” section of your iPad.
3. Scroll all the way down until you see “File Sharing”.

4. Click on CineXPlayer; then click on “Add” to the right.
5. Select the videos you want to watch and then sync (should take about a minute).
6. Eject your iPad, go into the CineXPlayer app and start watching!

The app includes support for Dolby Digital, DropBox and more. You can read all about its features here.