HP held its consumer launch event in Barcelona today, announcing a slew of devices.

The reinvented HP, HP Inc (now worth $57bn), said today was about innovation. The company said it will be reinventing the PC category as we enter a ‘new era of personal computing’. They will be working with Microsoft and Intel closely as part of their new innovation strategy.

Microsoft also announced that over 110m devices are already running Windows 10, with HP owning 50% of that.


Devices that people use today are no longer limited to PCs. People’s habits have changed, as well know since we are experiencing it. HP says there are five predominant ways we use our devices (entertainment, informed, get things done, connect with others, empower us to do more). The company said they listened to the customer before introducing their new portfolio for 2015, coming to the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region by the end of the year. They read forums, looked at what people said online and spoke to customers, ranging from young children to middle aged professionals. They wanted to understand the customer and work backwards.

So what did they come up with? (All devices have high end sound quality with Bang & Olufsen, referred to as B&O and Intel’s 6th-gen processors). The premium range includes:

Spectre x360
In time for the holiday season, coming to the EMEA region is the new dual tone ash and copper colour Spectre x360. It features the new Intel 6th generation processors, 13.3” full HD panel, a metal keyboard and B&O sound. Don’t you love the look?


Spectre x2
This device is a stunning 8mm thin device, fanless and an industrial design with a sturdy steel kickstand. It has a 12” FHD screen, 128GB SDD, Core M processor and USB Type C ports (x2). So very much a new 12” Macbook rival. Oh, it also THREE cameras: 5MP front; 8MP rear; and a 3D RealSense world facing camera. It comes with a keyboard, stylus (in EMEA), and LTE enabled, with B&O sound.


Envy Notebook
The 13.3” Envy notebook is 12.9mm thin and a stand out feature is that it doesn’t have hinges. It has a backlit keyboard, B&O sound, and a fingerprint reader. It promises 10 hours battery life.


Envy AIO Desktop
Made from stainless steel, with a 4K display, 4 front-facing speakers with B&O sound and many ports (HDMI in & out; 2x USB 3.0; 2x USB 2.0; Ethernet). It comes with a wide screen – 21:9 aspect ratio made especially for Windows 10 (Snap feature) to view multiple windows at a time. Storage has multiple options: SSD, HDD, hybrid. Comes in two sizes – 24” and 27”.


Envy Curved AIO Desktop
Same as the above, but with a very wide curved screen at 34”. HP says it’s meant to wrap content around you to be more immersive. It has 6 front-spacing speakers, B&O. Has more ports – 4x UBS 3.0; 2x USB 2.0. Comes with Intel’s 3D RealSense camera.


HP also announced affordable consumer products, targeting the mass market. This line up includes:

The HP Stream is an entry-level device for consumers who want to access the internet and social media mainly, based on the cloud. It comes in 11” and 13” in blue and purple. Think netbook minus a lot of hard drive.


HP says the gaming industry in the middle of a renaissance, which is why they are bringing gaming to the masses. The Pavilion notebook is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, and all about performance. It also has a 3D RealSense camera.


Envy Note 8
This 2-in-1 device has a focus on productivity. It’s 8” but runs full Windows 10. It comes with a 10” keyboard accessory, which slides into in for portability. It has an integrated touchpad for the full Windows 10 experience.


Additionally, all the above products coming to the EMEA region will get access to HP Lounge. It’s a partnership with Universal music that will give all consumers access to an ad-free radio streaming service. It will include exclusive content like videos, concert tickets, etc. It will be free for 12 months.

I was told the devices should make their way to South Africa by the end of the year, but to be confirmed by the local HP team. Watch this space!



PS There’s one more announcement relating to Star Wars coming later tonight! Watch my Twitter feed for more.