Yesterday the Huawei (I have no idea how it’s pronounced) Ideos S7 Slim tablet launched locally.

It is a 7-inch tablet (I don’t know why, though – it’s too small for a tablet), runs Android 2.2 Froyo, lets you make video and voice calls (3G+WiFi), features Bluetooth 2.1, HD playback (720), HMDI out and has 2 cameras.

I was given a tablet because I was one of the first 25 guests to arrive. I switched it on today and was pleasantly surprised that there were loads of apps preinstalled: games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, NFS Shift, Pinball, Super Snake & more; other apps like Twitter, Documents To Go, Navigation, RSS Reader and all Google related products. Saves you a lot of bandwidth if you had to download everything yourself.

I played a bit of Fruit Ninja but the experience isn’t anything like on the iPad – it’s not as responsive and the screen isn’t as fantastic. I haven’t done much else on it – I haven’t even removed the back cover to insert a SIM card. I’ll wait for the RICA/network issues to die down before getting another SIM card.

The last two images show a comparison to the iPad. The Huawei tablet is thin and long, not ideal if you are used to a more ‘regular’ sized screen. It could make a good e-reader substitute. The tablet is priced between R3,200 – R3,600 and is available from Vodacom or MTN. I think it might be a bit pricey for the target market and if you weigh the pros and cons with other tablets on the market.

Other news: I’ve created a separate Tumblr blog for my upcoming Taiwan trip. You can find it on I will post information leading up to the trip (if applicable) but I will be updating it while I am there. Please feel free to subscribe to it 🙂 Thanks!