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I wasn’t planning on getting the new iPad (or as some like to call it the iPad 3) but lately I’ve started using my first-gen iPad a lot more (a little late, but how awesome is Flipboard?), in a bid to try and cut down on my laptop usage at home.

A combination of a few things, including FNB’s cheapest in the country smartphone and tablet deal and retina display on the iPhone 4 swayed me.

while back I purchased my first magazine subscription (Marie Claire) via Zinio, and I don’t think I want to read a (physical) magazine ever again!

 I previously labelled my first-gen iPad an entertainment device/toy but I’ve since shifted focus and am consuming a lot of content on it. So all this combined justified my purchase. My experience at the dot FNB store was just amazing; exactly what customer service should be. Okay, I had an advantage because they were expecting me, but the admin took all of 5 minutes.

My evening ended off with a catch-up with Syllable, and we decided to choose a restaurant at Nicolway based on who offered free WiFi (yes, really). We ended up at Col’Cacchio and eventually, found room for dessert. It’s the second time I’ve had the Lindt Chocolate Trio, which is a double layer of Lindt Chocolate Brownie, Lindt Panna Cotta and Lindt Parfait. A must try if you haven’t already! 

I can’t quite decide what the highlight of my day was 😉

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