Yesterday I fetched my Nintendo 3DS (review unit) from Core Group. I was given the blue one, which by the way, is very pretty! Unfortunately, no games have arrived in the country yet, we should get them later this week or early next week.

It’s smaller than the Nintendo DSi XL:

I’ve been using what is currently pre-loaded onto the system:


  • Nintendo 3DS Sound




  • Nintendo 3DS Camera




  • Mii Maker




  • Mii Plaza




  • AR Games




  • Face Raiders



I’ve created a Mii for myself. You have the option to take a picture and it sort of “morphs” it into a Mii based on your features, or to create from scratch. I chose to take a pic and then create one.

Face Raiders is a game that takes a pic of you initially and you sort of have to “kill” yourself by hitting yourself on target. Lol, did I just say that? If you play the game, you will understand what I mean. At the end, you have to kill the “big boss” which is yourself!
I haven’t played the AR Games, which requires a set of cards, which came in the box. Also in the box is a charger, a docking station and a stylus (inserted into the back of the device which took a while to find).

I’m waiting to get the Street Fighter game and then the fun begins!

As for the intensity of the 3D, you have a slider on the side, next to the screen, to adjust to what you suits your eyes best. Mine is mostly just by the halfway mark.

I will have a full review up on My Digital Life in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for it.

The Nintendo 3DS launches in South Africa on 25th March.