I’m going to Taiwan!

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I’ve been selected to go to The Republic of China (ROC), known as Taiwan (not to be mistaken with The People’s Republic of China), later this year in celebration of their 100th anniversary.

Organized by the Taiwanese Council of Cultural Affairs, they’ve invited guests from around the world (250 people from 125 countries) to experience an authentic Taiwanese lifestyle. I was approached to apply by the Taipei Liaison Office of South Africa, who were looking for (18-40 year old) “tech savvy bloggers” with profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, so we can share our experience online.

Everything will be paid for by the country and it is compulsory for us to participate in the activities they provide. We will be staying with host families and will be traveling throughout the island to see and explore (and buy lots of gadgets!). My very good blogger friend and freelancer for My Digital Life, Redsaid has also been selected.

Of course, the biggest question is, will my hair iron work there will I be able to get a micro SIM card (or two) as soon as I get there?

Anyone reading this – have you been to Taiwan? What has your experience been like? Any tips?

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