I went to the Tesla dealership in New York because they finally had a Model 3 on the showroom floor. I’ve been monitoring it on my previous trips to NYC/East Coast and third time lucky! If you follow the stuff I cover, you may have seen a piece of mine on electric cars that touched briefly on Tesla [and another on Elon Musk]. I simply had to see the Model 3 for myself, with its very minimal interior, after all the hype and articles and not to mention delays… 

This is the location at the trendy Meatpacking District, around the corner from an Apple Store and opposite the Samsung Store. I’m just sharing all the pics I took on my phone, so don’t expect anything else 😉

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It’s so weird cos there are two boots, one in the front and one in the back, cos it’s quite roomy in the front on an electric car. The inside is very minimal with just one giant touchscreen that you use for everything. It’s definitely not a car for those who struggle to use phones and tablets. You need to navigate your way for all the settings on the car as there are zero dials and buttons, so every minor adjustment requires a touch input. 

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I love the design of the Model X, especially the doors. White seats on a white car give off a certain look, and something tells me that rappers would love this vibe, LOL. I also love how the seats give off a very business class airline aesthetic. There are three rows of seats that miraculously fit inside; I didn’t expect to see more seats at the back. Definitely not a car that you can load with a lot of luggage and well being an electric car, not ideal for roads trips.

Seems like a good car to have if you have a chauffeur.

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Sorry for the short post, but that’s all for now!