cheapflightsIf there is one thing we are all cheap about, it’s airfare.

Introducing Cheapflights, a website that originated in the UK, and helps you find exactly that – has made its way to South Africa last December.

The team from the UK were in Johannesburg this week to give more insights on the local site. The website, is an aggregator like Travelstart (one of their partners AND competitors), searches all available fares for a particular route.

I’ve tried out the website and like how intuitive it is and easy to use. It saves you the hassle of opening each individual airlines website to search fares. The website has three handy suggestions above your regular results in the form of “smart value” – the best suggested option; “cheap”; and “quickest” routes. As expected, they also do hotel search.

Andrew Shelton, global marketing director of Cheapflights revealed that South African web traffic is growing everyday and 30% of total visitors are all returning visits, which to them is the best measure –  and the highest amount of returning visits in all the markets they are in. (This is the reason we need more competition in the market). He also said the top three destinations for South Africans are the UK, USA and Thailand. They’re expecting monthly traffic to reach 700 000 by the middle of the year at the rate its growing.


Some of their new offerings will include transparent fares that state upfront what baggage fees are or if there any “hidden” fees – fees we are all familiar with that get added at the payment step. It will also let consumers know when would be the best time to book.

Cheapflights also has a free Android and iOS app with the same functionality and great UX. Shelton says that South Africa already has the third highest amount of app installs after the US and Philippines – over 54 000.


The local website also has unique content tailored to the South African market such as travel deals, news, and things to do in various cities around the country.

Cheapflights are also selective about who they partner up with and locally, they’re working with Flight Centre, SAA, Mango, Fastjet, TravelStart, Flightsite and kulula.

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