entertainerThe Entertainer app or voucher booklet brings you offers near you, like 2-for-1 specials in your city.

At the moment, the two cities it’s available in South Africa are Johannesburg and Cape Town with Durban coming next year some time. It’s already available in the Middle East (hugely popular in Dubai for tourists), Asia and Europe.

The app gives you access to more than 200 merchants in Johannesburg and each merchant has to list 3 deals so effectively you get access to 600 deals, saving you a lot of money if you spend a fair amount on entertainment.

So how does it work? The app itself is free to download (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone) and sign up to see what specials are in your city. But, in order to redeem these 2 for 1 deals, you have to pay R495 to gain access. There are a wide range of restaurants, spas and activities that you can benefit from, including Licorish Bistro in Bryanston that offers amazing food, and which is where we were hosted for dinner last night.


So if you think about this dinner which if you price at R150, will cost R450 in three visits (each merchant has 3 deals listed). That amount almost covers the cost of The Entertainer app itself. Technically you would have covered the cost of the app by visiting one amazing restaurant 3 times – well if you go once to Licorish, you’re definitely going again!

You can view offers by location, what’s new, monthly and “locked”. The locked section is only accessible once you buy access for R495. Some listings that I can browse before paying for anything show deals from The Banyard Theatre, a hair salon, Beluga restaurant, accommodation in Mauritius, paintball, while the “locked” section shows more restaurants, a gym, lifestyle shops, massage places, frozen yoghurt, etc. The app also keeps track of how much you saved as you start redeeming these offers.

The R495 access fee is valid for a calendar year, so if you want to get a full 12 months out of it, best to buy it in January. However, R495 in August will still mean you can get way more value than the cost in less than a month – depending on how often you eat out. All the restaurants listed is also a good way to try new places without paying too much. It’s not only about restaurants but it does form the bulk of merchants listed, and some of them are really good.


Restaurants include: Bice, The Squires Loft, The Local Grill, Junipas, Pize e Vino, The Raj, Foundry, Fishmonger, The Green Peppercorn, Doppio Zero, The Wolfpack, Tonis, and Level Four (54 on Bath). These are only a handful of what’s actually available.

The app also gives you access to buy one get one night free on 120 different accommodation listings in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Indian Ocean. If you happen to go on holiday to Dubai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong or Cape Town (there are 33 destinations), you get access to those city deals. Sometimes, depending on the merchant, you don’t have to claim you free meal/massage/activity instantly; they could agree to make a note on the system so you can come again.


If you’re not sure if the app is worth the R495 just yet, The Entertainer offers a R99 one month access option to see how useful you will find it. Does that sound good?! GREAT!

Because I have FIVE of these R99 vouchers to giveaway to my Johannesburg-based readers. All you have to do is tell me which restaurant (or spa or activity) you’d like to try first via the comments section below.

5x Winners will be selected with random.org. Competition closes at midnight on Tuesday, 26 August. Winners announced on this post on Wednesday, 27 August. Vouchers will be emailed the same day.


The 5x winners randomly selected are:
1. Jodi Kassel
2. Valentino
3. davegreenway
4. Safeera
5. Nick Jackson

I’ll respond to each email with your voucher code, as per followup comments below!