OldburyKnomo has a new range of gorgeous iPad bags, now available at the iStore.

I’ve been using the Knomo Oldbury iPad/tablet cross body bag (in cherry) for about two weeks now and can confirm, it’s just as luxurious as my first Knomo, the Silvi Cross Body.

The Oldbury bag is made for an electronic device up to 10″, stored in a separate quilted compartment.

The outer layer is made from Saffiano leather (Prada’s signature leather; also used by Michael Kors and DKNY), which has a unique texture to it that is also scratch resistant. I love the matte feel to it, and it just looks luxurious.

Picture credit Jenna McArthur from http://jennamcarthur.com

Inside you can find a slot for your tablet, a zip compartment, and 3 other slots, including one for a pen. If you like keeping things organised like me, you will appreciate the design. It has a detachable, adjustable strap. The bag is available in blue, black and cherry.

If your iPad already has a full on cover, you have to remove it to slot it inHowever, if you have an iPad back-only case or smart cover, it should fit into the bag as is. If you have an iPad mini, you will have no issues as it should fit with whatever cover you have.


I mentioned this before that you don’t often find stylish yet functional bags for your electronic devices, except for Knomo. I also have the 13″ slim Avignon bag in jade for my Macbook Air, which gets compliments everywhere I go; quite the attention-grabber.

The Oldbury iPad/tablet bag retails for R1,999. It’s not cheap, but it is quality AND style (start dropping hints… holiday season is fast approaching!).

Available at all iStores nationwide.