I’m obsessed with phone covers. I can’t go into a Typo and not buy a cheap cover. My classic advice you get what you pay for works exactly for my phone cover obsession, because I buy a cheapie every few months. The only thing that’s stopping me right now is the lack of cheap iPhone X covers in stores. Just a few months more I suppose, before Forever New, Typo and everyone else starts stocking them.

In the mean time, here are some of the covers I thought I’d share because I’m always swapping them based on my mood, or where I am going. I love folio covers when I travel so I can slot my cards into the flap and not hunt for my wallet when I need it. It just makes paying for things easier. I don’t know why I don’t do it when I’m in SA – oh yes, it could get dangerous.

1. A basic clear Superskin Moshi case for the very minimalist. It’s so thin (0.35mm) I’m not even sure if it’s going to provide the protection most people seek from a ~R20k smartphone. I’m too scared to use it on a daily basis but maybe just for a few hours. I mean, I already stuck my Batman Popsocket to it. It’s $25 but not sure where you can get it in SA.

2. This Incipio Translucent Folio Case is clear at the back, I must say I haven’t seen a design like this before. I like the minimalistic look of it, and that I can put a card into it. When you turn it face down, people can see the colour of your phone. If you’re the type who likes showing this bit of info off, then a great folio case. R499 at iStore.

3. This CaseMate Karat Petals cover is super blingy, and if you’re into gold and flowers, it is made with real leaves. It’s very heavy, and adds a lot of bulk to your phone but I suppose when you drop it, the case will take the impact. It has a thin rubber-like band that goes around the phone before it slots into the cover, which then acts as a grip. I don’t use this cover a lot. R699 at iStore.

4. I love this Huex Elements marble cover from Laut that was sent to me randomly. I don’t even know where you can buy it from official channels in SA. Sorry, I suck; not very helpful with that. But it’s a gorgeous cover and my current most-used. It’s $25.

5. I love Kate Spade, I think you already know that. I bought this in the US when I was there last year. And you probably also know that I don’t like gold so much but this was literally the last cover in the store for the iPhone X so I took it and I think it was on sale. $35.

6. Flavr covers are now available in SA through MTN or Vodacom stores nationwide. They have various designs too, but I quite like this one called Cosmic Happenings with planets, and faded ombré look. It’s not too thick or thin, and feels plastic-y. I like it. R329.

7. This is your stock standard silicone case from Apple that you can get an an iStore. It’s very silky like and it didn’t even hold a Popsocket that I put on it. I don’t use it as often only because I’m favouring other covers that much more. Maybe when I’m in the mood for plain black, understated, then I’d go with it. R799 at iStore.

I do have more covers but I thought these were the best ones to highlight.  

Cover image on homepage: Shutterstock