I attended the Just Dance 4 launch last night at Slow in the City hosted by Ubisoft and GirlGuides.

The two playing stations were kitted out with Xbox and Kinects for the evening, which allows a maximum of 4 players at a time, while the Wii can handle up to 8 players (recommended if you live in a mansion!)

Rene Fraser from Ubisoft shared a few interesting facts about the game, like 30 million copies have been sold worldwide to date; when it launched last year, it knocked Call of Duty off the charts for 3 weeks; and that… Gangnam Style will be available to download soon! 

The only other dance game I played before that I can compare it to is Dance Evolution, and I have to say, Just Dance 4 is much better. Mostly because you don’t have to feel like you need to be a professional to play. With JD4 it’s all about having fun and following the movements as shown on screen, which is fairly simple.

Even though I was coming down with flu, I decided to dance last night after I saw Tiana and the girls do Jailhouse Rock. It was loads of fun, and that particular track was not as intensive as Rihanna’s Umbrella.

I’ve been playing on my Kinect since this morning and I’m absolutely loving it (not quite sure how the experience differs on the PS3 or Wii). I cannot dance at all, and after following instructions on screen, I seem to have made progress. My score is getting better and I managed to get all the Gold Moves in a song!

I am aiming to play a few times a week in effort to keep fit – and perhaps brave the Sweat Mode. Look out for a review soon.