LG South Africa invited me to attend the LG Blogger Forum 2010, held in Berlin. It was a group of about 24 of us from South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. The Africa quota was filled by 1 South African; me.

We stayed at The Steigenberger Hotel, where the presentation and explanation of products took place. We were then transported to the LG booth at IFA 2010 (one of the largest consumer electronics shows in Europe).

The lot of us were split into groups and given an opportunity to show off our 3D skills: taking pics with a 3D camera while keeping a “borderless” theme in mind.

Although my team did not win, we did have a wonderful time making 3D content. The only downside was that the pics could only be viewed on the camera (or a 3D TV if you have one) as 3D.

We were introduced to LG’s new line-up of TV’s: LEX8, LX9500 and LX9900. LG said by 2011 it wants to introduce nano LED technology to all their TV models, and eventually, the ability to connect to mobile devices.

The LEX8 is the slimmest LED TV ever made at just 8.8mm and a 1.25cm bezel.

The arrangement of LED’s are different in a nano screen than a normal LED screen. “Lighting technology with full LED enables a smoother, more refined picture quality by evenly spreading of the light from the LEDs. It’s brighter, but softer on the eyes.”

We were given a sneak peak of LG’s Real 3D sound home cinema, which offers a “perfect 3D experience”.

This means that speakers have a vertical 3D effect channel for vertical sound movement. It also features dual subwoofers for a more powerful and deeper bass. It also has a cinema dome effect, which means that wherever you sit, you will feel as if you are sitting in the centre of the room. They hope to launch this by Feb 2011.

I took a video of the coolest thing I saw at the LG booth – OLED TV:

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