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From an early age I’ve been exposed to technology. I’m very grateful that my dad decided to buy a PC when he did (must have been ‘94/‘95). I have memories of getting good grades on my assignments for presentation – some of which being printed on a dot matrix (using DOS). Things got better when Windows 95 was released. Okay, by things, I mean my assignments. (On a random note, who remembers Encarta encyclopaedia?) I used to spend hours exploring and learning what the super cool machine could do. I went into every option I could click and right click, including the control panel.

Other memories include me deleting important DLL files and other stuff from the root directory. Ok, that was a big confession for me. (Remember I was a teenager – don‘t judge me, OK?) My dad wanted the hard drive cleaned out because too much space was being used too quickly (sound familiar?), so I did a quick “clean-up”. Hahaa. That turned out in me being “banned” from using the PC ever again. Of course that didn’t last very long because I knew my way around the way my dad didn’t. Lucky our techie lived in the ‘hood.

Yes, experience is the best teacher.

One of the reasons I love technology is that it simplifies life. Which brings me to the point of this post, finally, after all that unnecessary babbling. I received this nifty little gadget from iomega and I cant begin to tell you what an awesome piece of technology it is:


It’s a ScreenPlay TV link adaptor. Because I watch my TV series from a flash stick, I end up switching my TV to PC mode (I have a screen linked) and the files are played back in a less than perfect quality (that of the PC). When displayed on a 42” plasma, it does not look its best.

The adaptor allows me to plug my flash stick straight into the USB port and watch instantly. No more hassle. The quality is way better obviously. It has its own remote control (one more to fight over). Read about its features here.


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  1. Waseem 26/03/2009 at 08:31 Reply

    That’s how all those kids had those nicely bound assignments, while I had to hand in scraps of barely legible paper. I must tell ma’am!

    Paint me stupid here, but what is the difference between this and a divx player?

    p.s. cool post

  2. Nafisa 26/03/2009 at 09:24 Reply

    Lol 🙂

    I guess the difference is that this little gadget doesnt read DVDs. Its nice if your really cool existing TV or DVD player doesn’t have a USB (and probably wont have an HDMI input if its not new).

    Thank you.

  3. zk 26/03/2009 at 10:10 Reply

    I remember back in those days lol 🙂
    I used Encarta on all my assignments but do you remember having space invaders on the old old dos pcs
    we actually still had ours till last year 🙂

    yoh memories 🙂
    i like your nifty gadget 🙂
    wonder if it can fit all tvs even fong kong ones?

  4. Baglady 31/03/2009 at 16:02 Reply

    Hi Nafisa,

    Cool, Does this mean I can watch dvd’s from my memory stick without a dvd player?

  5. Jo 01/04/2009 at 12:37 Reply

    That sounds just like me 🙂
    Encarta… my eyes still light up when i see it now!

  6. Nafisa 01/04/2009 at 12:44 Reply

    @zk – lol @ fong kong. They do have the same outputs / inputs 😉

    @Baglady – Yes it does 🙂

    @Jo – hehee. I’ve replaced it with Wikipedia now 😐

  7. Syllable 09/04/2009 at 09:48 Reply

    I still have a copy of Encarta. Love playing the games. I think it’s a tough thing to replace. Obviously Wikip is much more convenient and up to date, but some classics just remain the best thing since slice bread…

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