Citroen-Logo copyI drove the new Citroën C3 for a week, which went back last Friday.

It was part of the #CitroenC3Madame campaign that asked us to share our efficiency tips on Twitter. As you can tell, it has something to do with the car being extremely efficient.

Citroen says it’s 25% more efficient than vehicles in its class, with its PureTech engine.

After all the driving I had done in a week, like I would normally do in my own car, it would’ve used half a tank, but I only used a quarter – QUARTER! I am amazed because I do NOT drive my own car efficiently. So if you’re like me, this car handles the efficiency all on its own without you making an effort. Well, it helps that it’s a diesel too.

I was given the e-HDi 90 Airdream Manual with a start/stop system that helped with being efficient. At times I could feel it was more powerful than my car, and appreciated the boost. After a week of driving the Citroën C3, here are my likes and dislikes:


– The ’round’ design works on the C3 especially with the dark blue colour I received.
– The combination of performance and fuel efficiency.
–  I eventually got used to the car switching off when you stop, which is when it goes into “eco” mode.
– It felt roomy on the inside, not squashed for a compact car.
– The drive was smooth, and had the right amount of power when I needed it.
– Going over bumps didn’t feel bumpy.
– It wasn’t as loud as I expected a diesel to be, in fact it was mostly quiet.
– The cup holders passed my test; it was deep enough to hold a drink without spilling.
– A decent sized boot for a car in its class.
– Triangular storage slot on the door. Fits wallet, lipgloss, hand cream, coin purse, amongst other things.


– For some reason, I couldn’t get the lights to work properly, even though I switched it on. I don’t really know what the issue was, just that it wasn’t straight forward (never had this issue before).
– Really no fault of the car, but I missed having (volume) controls on the steering wheel.
– When the car goes into “eco” mode, the air conditioner switches off.
– I didn’t get to drive it longer (my own fault for not arranging it).

Okay, I cheated with that last dislike, but didn’t really have much to dislike. It was a smooth, comfortable drive that didn’t frustrate me, which is bottom line. It made me feel somewhat safe driving it, because lets face it, French cars are not on any hijack list in Johannesburg (at this point I’d like to point out that I always recommend French or Italian cars to my friends because, safety first).

EDIT: Fuel Consumption on the Citroën C3 e-HDi 90 Airdream
Urban Cycle – 4.4L/100km
Extra Urban – 3.3L/100km
Combined – 3.7L/100km

A thank you to Citroën for delivering the car with a couple of very thoughtful gifts, which I LOVE!


If you’re looking for a compact car, test drive the Citroen C3 and see for yourself. It may surprise you.