Social media use and advertising are changing, and the platform, once popular mostly with the young, is using this to its advantage.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – NOVEMBER 22 2018: TikTok mobile video-sharing app company logo on phone screen with internet homepage in background on November 22, 2018 in Prague, Czech republic.

The world’s fastest-growing social network, TikTok, has taken SA by storm.

New research confirms that it is expanding faster in this country than any other such platform — and not just among teenagers.

The number of local TikTok users had increased from 5-million to 9-million by the end of 2020, according to the “SA Social Media Landscape Report 2021”, released last week by World Wide Worx and Ornico.

The app is used to make videos — dancing, comedy or educational items, for example — that are between 15 seconds and a minute long.

TikTok’s strongest growth over the course of the lockdown has been among black South Africans. Its proportion of black users increased from 44% to 61%.

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