To celebrate its 25th year of business, Mustek hosted a #BuildYourOwnPC media event at its head office in Midrand today.

Mustek is the largest assembler and distributor of PCs in South Africa. We were given a tour of the assembly line and I gotta say, hats off to those who work there, which is mostly female (60%-40% split).

On a normal 8am-5pm day, about 400-500 PCs are made, and it takes about an hour and ten minutes per machine. If need be, they can more than double that capacity.  I spoke to a few ladies during the tour, and all of them said they love what they do; and most of them have been around for years (one started 25 years ago!). 

Then it was our turn. To start off, we were given electrostatic discharge jackets and bootstraps. We received sealed boxes with our names on it, sort of like a lucky dip, filled with components. I was most excited to find a solid state drive in mine 😉 

It was very much a hands-on experience of learning, undoing and redoing. The end result was a Core i5 machine with 4GB of RAM, a 60GB solid state drive, 500GB hard drive, Windows 7 Professional, MS office kit, and a 20″ monitor.

In the past I’ve fiddled with individual bits of a machine but today was the first time I put one together. It was loads of fun!

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