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iphone-appsAbout a month or so ago I deleted a whole bunch of apps on my phone that were taking up unnecessary space.

When you have a 16GB handset that’s used primarily to take photos, you eventually realise how precious space is. I’m now left with a single screen of apps. It did take me a while to get used to not scrolling through home screens out of habit. Weeks later and I don’t regret deleting those apps.

I made the decision based on if I used the app within the last 3 months. I kept the (in)frequently used app like Speedtest because, what if I end up in South Korea one day? 😉

Now that I’ve kept things to a bare minimum, I’d like to share what apps I use most often. This excludes social networks (I don’t even download Facebook on test phones anymore), and messaging apps.


1. FNB – used to buy airtime, data and do banking. Oh and for geopayments (still doesn’t get old).
2. Camera+ – this is the best photo editing app on iOS.
3. Zomato – I like writing restaurant reviews on the app vs. the web since it supports picture uploading.
4. Flipboard – best way to catch up on feeds on a mobile handset.
5. Google Maps – I mostly have a love hate relationship with all navigation apps because they’re all suck at some point.

Care to share your most used apps that are not messaging and social networks?

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