The following is my list of top 5 gadgets for 2009. Please note that this list has been drawn up from gadgets that I’ve had access to and played with.

5. Rubik’s 360


What I loved: the challenge, even though it took 40 mins to complete. Confession: I never completed the Rubik’s cube 😛

4. iPod Nano (5th generation)


What I loved: video recording, FM radio.

3. HTC Magic


What I loved: the Google integration, slick UI, controlled data usage. By far, this is my favourite Android handset, beats the HTC Hero.

2. Beats by Dr Dre


What I loved: excellent sound quality. Once you try these out, you’d want to own it! Although, at R6 999 (Audiosure), you might think twice.

1. The new MacBook Pro 13″


What I love: what’s not to love? Okay, I’m biased with #1 because I bought one last month 😉