When Neotel first approached me about upgrading my connection to a 2Mbps line, for free, I wondered what the catch was. I was offered their WiMAX solution because a) I lived in an area with capability and b) my 24-month contract was up for renewal in a few months.

I was told that I didn’t have to pay for the installation of the new antenna and that the current EVDO device I was using would be of no use anymore. So they came and installed and after a week, my Internet was finally up and running. As soon as I configured my new “internet”, I checked the speed, and low and behold, this was the result:

I know this has been rolled out to a certain amount of users, which will explain the speed I am currently getting. While I am very happy about it [okay, majorly thrilled], time will tell if these speeds will last.

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  1. Ricardo 07/01/2013 at 14:07 Reply

    How is it working now? Do u still get the same speeds ?

    • Nafisa Akabor 07/01/2013 at 14:35 Reply

      Hi Ricardo. I get just over 2Mbps, so slightly better than what I’m supposed to, and rarely have issues. I’m very happy with Neotel’s WiMAX service.

      • Hein 01/07/2013 at 21:27 Reply

        Hi, I am also with Neotel and also got the same WiMAX setuo and also get 2Mbps up and down and I am am also very happy with my service

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