Last night I attended the “pre-launch” of the Nintendo 3DS at La Toscana restaurant in Montecasino. It wasn’t just a media event, it was for VIP’s, partners, retailers and other folk, even little kids.

The opening performance was very good – gymnasts doing all sorts of impressive things with their bodies, keeping the wow factor of the 3D console:

Eventually the Nintendo 3DS was brought on stage by a whole bunch of guys and girls. The device was attached to them, via a belt around their waste, as you can see. (The units were sample units).

Second photo credit: Kate Kearney from Nintendo

The first time I experienced the Nintendo 3DS (no 3D glasses required), I was really amazed. I played a little Fifa on it and I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Eventually a friend and I hunted down the guys with Street Fighter and played a few games. We played in “dynamic” mode, which gives you a feeling like you’re there. As if 3D doesn’t do that already!

The Nintendo 3DS will sell for R2800 and games are R500. I think the pricing on the console isn’t bad at all, considering the technology it houses. There were lots of complaints on Twitter about price. But a lot of people complain for the sake of it, especially in South Africa.

I am not a fan of 3D TV, but give me the Nintendo 3D console!

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