This is a fun blog post where I answer personal tech related questions. It is similar to my annual Q&A post I do at the end of each year, except that these 20Qs below are the best I could come up with, to give you a background to what I use or have used, etc. 

I tried finding a suitable photo for this post that was very “tech” related… if it’s not obvious, it features Huawei lenses, Samsung S8 and Apple Watch. 

1. First phone you owned?
An Ericsson A1018 that my parents kinda used too; but then my dad bought me a Nokia 3210 that was solely mine. Don’t know which one counts.

2. First PC you owned?
It was a family computer pre-Windows, so I was exposed to MS-DOS.

3. First gaming console?
An Atari from the 80s, with the joystick and single button (2600).

4. Social networks/messaging aside, your most used app?
Probably Google Maps, I use it for the live traffic even if I know where I’m going. 

5. Social media pet peeve?
People who use social media to mainly complain about brands. I unfollow. However, I follow people for interesting insights around technology. Other stuff that used to bother me, I took care of that with Tweetbot filters (I don’t see cross posts from apps like Nike,, IFTTT, etc; and I have tons of sport filters). 

6. What was the last app you paid for?
Fast Camera, I paid R79 for it when I switched from the US iTunes Store to the SA one. I would happily pay for an app that I know I will use that has good design, etc, instead of finding a free alternate that is below standard. 

7. Most addictive mobile game you played?
There was a time I obsessively played Bejeweled Blitz. The best thing I did was delete it off my phone.

8. Netflix or ShowMax?
Technically, I have both. I share my ShowMax login with my sister, and she shares her Netflix login with me. Multiple logins exist for family, yo.

9. iOS or Android?
I use both OSes but my primary and pick of the two is iOS. I have secondary Android handsets for testing apps and camera etc.

10. Mac or Windows?
Mac 4 life. I have a Windows 10 machine that I use occasionally.

11. Xbox or PlayStation?
Ha, used to have both, now just PS4 and there’s a PS3 lying somewhere. 

12. Dropbox or iCloud?
I use Dropbox for writing, but I pay for additional iCloud storage to backup my phone. I use Google Drive at times, too. Just depends on the situation.

13. Apple Music or Google Play Music?
I have used both but I pay for Apple Music.

14. A gadget you are coveting?
Currently, the HP Sprocket.

15. A gadget you are never without (excluding a smartphone)?
I always permanently keep power banks charged at home, multiple ones. I only use the Romoss brand (fast charge; power cuts off when not in use and holds).

16. The most under-rated gadget you own?
I don’t know why I put this question here, but gosh, I need to think about it. I want to say my car charger but I already chose power bank that I’m not without. I’m gonna go with my world travel adaptor with 4x USB ports that works anywhere in the world because I use it at home and pop it in my bag when I travel. Charge everything from one socket. 

17. What is the greatest invention of all time?
As someone who grew up in humid Durban with naturally curly hair, I’m going to say the GHD hair straightener. It was life changing for me, no jokes. Now, (ironically?) in my 30s, I’ve accepted my natural curly hair. 

18. Phones are…?
Not innovative enough.. every year it’s just better specced than the previous year. That said, I like the curved screen on the Samsung S8.

19. In 10 years’ time, I’d like my phone to do….?
Something I don’t know yet that I need in my life, haha. For now, as it has been for about 5 years if not more, waiting for a breakthrough in battery technology. (Do you notice a pattern here – power banks/car chargers/travel chargers; one would think I’m obsessed with power).

20. Blogging is…?
Something I do when I’m not getting paid to write articles for print or online (also, if you read my blog regularly and would like to see certain topics, lmk). I started blogging in 2006 (on Blogs24) and this blog ( was created as a hobby, and it still is. I’m not looking to monetize it (I hate that term) and I’m not obsessive about my stats (don’t know when last I checked it). I also hate ads. Ha. There’s been a handful of times I got paid for competitions/campaigns but I don’t actively seek those out. I get approached directly for those, and trust me, there’s been loads of times I’ve turned down “opportunities”.

If you’re a new or long time reader and feel like answering these questions yourself, feel free to do do in the comments, or if you’re blogging it, leave me a link so I can check it out!