pvzMy current phase is Plants vs Zombies. It’s part of the PopCap Games collection, which I’ve tweeted about several times especially Peggle. Man, these game developers are really something – making a whole collection of games that are so addictive. It’s not a good combination with my personality but on the plus side (I think), I go through alot of phases and thank goodness the Tinkies phase is over. Can you imagine what I’d look like if it weren’t? 😉

The game is really simple, you plant your plants strategically so they kill the zombies, thus preventing them from entering your house. Each stage requires you to plant sunflowers so you earn points to purchase ‘weapons’ like pea shooters, walnuts, cherry bombs etc. More sunflowers = more points. Like any other game, it starts off really simple but gets quite challenging and given the nature of the game, it gets very addictive.

The first few stages look like this:


It includes “regular” zombies, some with hats (take more damage) and pole vaulting ones. Then you get stages with a pool in your backyard:


The zombies from this stage include some with a bucket over their head (really difficult to kill, totally dig the sound effect when the peas hits their head), the sneaky snorkelling ones and the dolphin riding ones. The next stage gets really difficult as it takes place at night and there is fog:


Along with tombstones, lack of sunlight and really strong zombies, it gets challenging. You use special mushrooms (not that kind) to build up ‘sunlight’ slowly. I’ve gotten past the garden stage and am now fighting zombies on the roof, which is tilted.

If you can get your hands on this game, like downloading the torrent then get it. It sells for R185 on the site with an option to download the trial first.

Disclaimer: Plants vs Zombies may kill productivity.