I’ve been given the opportunity to play with the EEE PC and if I like it, I can buy it. I’ve had a few people ask me why am I even considering getting it because it’s “not worth it”.

Not worth it, to who?

The 4GB hard drive doesn’t mean much if the device is used for surfing the net, checking emailing or typing up documents. (Documents can be saved on Googledocs if space is a problem). All these functions can be performed without worrying about memory. With 3 USB ports, accessing data on a portable hard drive is so easy. My 8GB flash stick holds a lot so thus far I have access to what I need without having to carry around bulky extras. My primary use for the mini laptop is surfing the internet. I’ve yet to set up IM on pidgin, which shouldn’t be a problem.


I already decided I want it after 5 minutes – because its compact, light weight, easy to carry around and of course, it looks good.

This device is my ‘winter-must-have accessory’. Beats sitting at my desktop and freezing my ass off 😉

Originally blogged on My Digital Life.