The Asus Eee PC’s designer seashell edition from the Karim Rashid collection was created for women who appreciate aesthetics and are into designer gadgets. At just one inch thick and weighing 1.1kg, the netbook is encased in a techno-chic organic “digi-wave” rippling design, which comes in Hot Pink and Coffee Brown.

The netbook has a 10.1-inch frameless LED backlight screen, with a resolution of 1 024 x 600 pixels, which is ideal for a portable mobile work solution. Dimensions are 262mm (W) x 180mm (D) x 26.2mm (H). All models come with Windows 7 Starter edition.

What makes this netbook easy on the eye is that all the ports are neatly hidden in the chassis. To the left, you will find a VGA out, 1 x USB and a card reader (MMC/SD); to the right, a 1 x LAN, 2 x audio jacks (mic-in and headphone) and an additional USB, all conveniently tucked away. At the base is the mini VGA out cable. The stereo speakers are located at the bottom too, which might not have been the best idea, as sound is muffled.

Additionally, the netbook has a 1.3-megapixel camera, wireless LAN and Bluetooth. Connecting wirelessly to the internet and working with e-mail should yield about 3.5 hours. That’s only slightly better than the 900 series.

The keyboard is a decent size but the spaces between keys could have been eliminated for a more flowing feel. The unit has a matte finish, which is completely fingerprint-resistant – a definite plus.

The netbook ships with Intel’s second generation Atom N450 processor and when combined with Asus’ Super Hybrid Engine (SHE), which reduces energy consumption, battery life is extended. The battery is also removable, unlike the 1008HA model.

The 1008P Seashell Karim Rashid Eee PC is definitely not a netbook for the average student or for someone looking for a portable mobile work solution. It is more suited to a fashionista.

Written for Digital Life April / May 2010.