You might think twice about buying the metallic pink Sony Vaio netbook, especially if you prefer regular (non-girly) gadgets. The very feminine Vaio W Series is Sony’s attempt at breaking into the netbook market. Thankfully, the netbook is also available in brown and white.

sony_vaioCarrying the device around is no hassle, as it’s lightweight at 1.19kg. With dimensions of 179.6mm x 32.4mm x 267.8mm, it could easily fit into a big handbag. The netbook has a smooth finish, with rounded edges, giving it a stylish look.

It comes standard with Windows XP, wireless, webcam and microphone and VGA Out. What we really liked about it is the crisp 10.1-inch LED-backlit screen with a 1 366 x 768 resolution. This netbook, unfortunately, does not support high definition playback. We were disappointed by the quality of the sound from the built-in speakers, located beneath the keypad. A set of portable speakers or earphones on hand will make listening to audio more bearable.

The battery life was also disappointing, to say the least. If planning on working remotely at a coffee shop, make sure there is a plug point nearby because connecting wirelessly and surfing the internet provides about two hours, 15 minutes. The keyboard size is ideal if you don’t have very large fingers and keys are neatly spaced out. The right Shift key is smaller than the left; chances are you might miss it and hit Up instead.

The netbook comes with a VGA Out, memory stick and SD card slots, and only two USB slots. Connectivity options include integrated wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Ethernet.

While the Sony Vaio W Series may not be the best netbook on the market, it will appeal to the younger generation, especially fashion-conscious ladies.

Processor: 1.66GHz Intel Atom
Display: 10.1-inch WXGA
Screen resolution: 1 366 x 768
Weight: 1.19kg
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 160GB
OS: Windows XP Home
Connectivity: WLAN, ethernet, Bluetooth

Written for Digital Life, September / October 2009.